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Welcome to CARIV


A mobile rideshare solution utilizing Route Matching Technology to connect riders with drivers along a preexisting travel route

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Carpooling with a Twist

CARIV takes the guesswork out of carpooling, ridesharing, and hitchhiking!


Passengers are provided with multiple ride options from which to choose, each with convenient pickup and drop-off locations. 


An on-demand service without the need of on-call, idling drivers.

Benefits of Carpooling


For Riders

Save money and meet people


1. Share a commute downtown

2. Request a ride across the city

3. Book city-to-city travel


For Drivers

Earn spending cash


1. Pick up riders along your travel route.

2. No need to plan travel routes in advance.

3. Login, enter your destination and drive.

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For the Environment

Reduce vehicles on the road


1. Reduce vehicle emissions 

2. Help with overall air quality

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