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About us

Our Story

CARIV originally launched under a different banner. We were initially seeking to utilize commercial tractor-trailers and short-range delivery vehicles as our primary means of transportation for our riders. We did this to have a platform in place when delivery vehicles became fully autonomous. It was to be another way to combine the logistics of moving people and inventory simultaneously from one location to another.

We received great traction in countries such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Korea where it is not a strange custom for individuals to hitch rides with tractor-trailer drivers. In the United States, we were met with obstacles, concerns, and critical feedback. The people spoke, and we listened. In 2020, we rebranded to address those issues and CARIV was brought to life.

Our Brand

The name, CARIV, is a portmanteau, or a combination of more than one word to form a new one. CARIV is a blend of “Car” and “River.” Rivers, streams, creeks, and brooks span much of the world and in many instances, they are branches of one another. In the same way, highways lead to access roads which lead to streets and drives. In the same way, water is always flowing, so are commuting vehicles. Even early-morning rush hour on I-35 can be represented by dams.

Our name is aptly appropriate because our executive team is environmentally conscious. Every ride with us is possibly one less unnecessary ride-hail vehicle on the street.

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Our Values

  • Integrity & Transparency

We have nothing to hide. Our rates and service fee are subject to change based on demand and location, but we want you to see exactly what you are paying and why. With every requested ride, you will be presented with an itemized receipt showing where your money is going. If there is something that you do not see, or wish to know, ask the question and we will provide updated text for all to see. We have nothing to hide from our riders or from our drivers. We stand behind our integrity in order to earn your trust.

  • Accountability

Everybody makes mistakes and we know that we are no different. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of conduct. In doing so, we hold the highest expectations for not only our drivers but our riders as well. Employees of CARIV, from the executive positions to the interns, drivers, and riders will be held accountable for actions unbecoming of a righteous human being. Treat all with respect.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Our company was founded on diversity and inclusion and we will ensure nothing changes. We believe in this so deeply that we are continuing to find ways that even our drivers and riders are matched so that language barriers do not exist. 

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Meet The Team

Isaac Shin, MBA
Isaac Shin, MBA

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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John Mizerak
John Mizerak

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer

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