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How To Use the CARIV App

Route Matching Technology™ that connects riders,
in real-time, with drivers engaged in a travel route.

Here is a preview of how the app works from a rider's perspective:
rider 2.jpg
Step 1
Search for rides

Enter your starting location and destination. Do you prefer a Male or Female driver? Select your ride options and then click "Search."

Have luggage? An airline carry-on counts as one piece of luggage. Enter oversized luggage as 2 - don’t worry, we aren’t Spirit Air, we won’t charge you baggage fees. This helps us match your driver.

rider 3.jpg
Step 2
Check out your options

You can view your drivers’ ratings and select the time that best fits your needs.

​What is your match-rate percentage? It denotes how much of your total travel route will be with your CARIV driver.

rider 4.jpg
Step 3
View your itinerary details

Here, you can see the available ride options and hit “Request” on the one you prefer.

Notice here (pictured left) if the pick-up and drop-off locations are not your exact starting and ending locations; make sure to cover your remaining distance to your designated pick-up spot and final destination.

rider 5.jpg
Step 4
Book your driver

Check out your itemized cost breakdown* First-time rider? Enter or link your payment information here. 

Once you select your payment, clicking “Book Now” finalizes your travel request. You and your driver will get push notifications, and your driver will accept your ride request​.

*price/mileage subject to change based on demand

rider 6.jpg
Step 5
Meet your driver at the pickup location

You’ll get notified when your driver accepts your ride request.

Make sure to get to your pick-up spot by your designated time. 

Need directions to your pick-up spot? Clicking "Get Directions" will provide those directions.

rider 7.jpg
Step 6
Check-in with each other

Your driver gets notified when you check in to your pick-up location. Now that you've found each other, your ride begins!

Confirm you were dropped off. We are happy we could get you so much closer to your final destination!

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